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Club World Cup: Snapchat lessons from the Gulf
December 22, 2018

Fanziom amassed a vast library of raw videos that captured the emotions of Manchester United fans around the globe within minutes of Marcus Rashford’s dramatic last gasp Champions League penalty against PSG.

We sourced and verified fan videos uploaded to social media, securing intellectual property permission from each individual uploader to build an extensive library that in essence bottled up the raw emotions of this spectacular social moment.

The events that unfolded in Paris were matched by an equally spectacular wave of fan user-generated videos uploaded to social media.

From Swaziland and Tanzania to Malaysia and Indonesia, we monitored uploads to social with middle-of-the night timestamps from locations far flung from the Parc des Princes and Manchester.

We watched the trends emerge on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Twitter, while monitoring the sharing habits of uploaders in different regions across the world.

A small collection of our secured fan content was featured in this short Fanziom video.

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