The fan-driven global experience

River Plate euphoria extracted minutes after final whistle
December 11, 2018

Fanziom captures the entire social experience of sport through fan driven realtime coverage.

User-Generated Content (UGC) discovery and verification is at our core. The goal is to truly connect sports brands with their global fanbase.

We cover sports events around the world from the perspective of fans, gathering and attaining usage rights to UGC as soon as it’s uploaded to social media.

A deluge of content exists around any one sports event. Yet all too often content is lost in the noise on Facebook or Twitter and expires after a brief window on Instagram Stories, Snapchat or Facebook Live.

Fanziom is the answer to this shortcoming.

We source and collect the raw emotions of fans, capturing the full story being told through the unedited smartphone lens of an engaged global community.

We verify and secure written permission from uploaders for every file of UGC we provide to our clients.

Our expert digital team possess cutting-edge skills working with UGC, and have extensive knowledge around sports rights and restrictions.

Own the social moments. Own the experience. Pivot to realtime with Fanziom.

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