Club World Cup: Snapchat lessons from the Gulf

River Plate euphoria extracted minutes after final whistle
December 11, 2018
A global community of fans United
March 11, 2019

Snapchat is overwhelmingly the platform of choice in the Gulf region.

In our monitoring of user-generated content (UGC) shared at the FIFA Club World Cup in the UAE, our attention was heavily focused on the messaging app to mine and extract a plethora of raw fan videos posted on the platform.

Our deep understanding of social media sharing habits across all regions allows the Fanziom team to optimize UGC discovery and verification in large volumes from locations across the globe.

Fans in the Gulf share their social moments on Snapchat first. Snap’s own heatmap feature – Snap Map – provides a visual on the Gulf’s daily volume of shares on the messaging app.

What began as a peer-to-peer secretive messaging app is now open to explore using Snap Map, offering important insights to brands searching for ways to truly engage with fans on Snapchat.  

Unless there is a titanic shift in the Gulf’s social media habits, it is without question that Snapchat will be the most dominant source of authentic UGC for the next FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

But content extraction off Snapchat presents numerous obstacles:

  1. Content shared on Snapchat disappears after 24-hours, meaning discovery and extraction must be fast. Once content is discovered, an individual URL for each piece of content will remain alive for 30 days.
  2. Unlike other messaging apps and features, such as Instagram Stories, there is no direct channel to contact a Snapchat uploader.
  3. Snapchat does not display a username or offer a chat function to users outside of an ‘inner circle.’ This means that in order to speak to a Snapchat uploader, there must first be a connection.
  4. The only method to make a connection is know a username or scan a Snapcode. The sharing of snapcodes is a social media habit seen almost exclusively in the Middle East, and especially in the Gulf region.

At Fanziom we have an unrivaled ability in UGC discovery, extraction and rights acquisition to help sports brands and organisations overcome obstacles presented by the always evolving social media landscape.

We extract the best UGC for brands, facilitating a truly unique fan engagement experience.

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